Clean holding tanks with yeast & peroxide

I use yeast and peroxide in my holding tanks to clean them out while going down the road and while it is filling up when camping. It gets rid of solids and smells in tanks. You don’t have to wonder if the black tank emptied out all of it’s contents. If you want to completely clean out your black water tank, with tank empty, add 4 ounces of yeast, 10 ounces of peroxide and 1 gallon of water. As you are going down the road it is sloshing all over the tank and cleaning it good.

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Country Coach Wiper Arms (not blades)

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I researched this some time ago and came up with the following for the 04 Intrigue or Allure.
Wiper parts dot com: 200487N, 31.5 in.
Grainger dot com: Din72 783 or 789
Zoro dot com: G2438992
The magic words are: Dyna wet panograph at all three sites. Just pick you desired length
Do your own research carefully and I think you will find what you need at one of these online sites.
Lyle Wetherholt
04 Intrigue 11740

Country Coach front slide leak

Country Coach Allure slide seal replacement.

Hi everyone. We have a new to us 2000 CC Allure #30476. It is in excellent shape although I have noticed a wet spot on the floor at the corner of the slide. The weather striping looks like it needs replaced. Has anyone done this? I had a local guy look at it and he said the box may need to be removed and I don’t want to go that route if not needed. I have the seal from CC and just want to know if there are any special tricks.


Is it the front slide leaking? If so, there is a small trough at the front of the slide. You have to remove the accordion cover that you see when the slide is closed. The little trough is glued to the wall and the glue comes loose, the trough pulls away from the wall and you get the leak.

The way it works is, the water is supposed to run along the bottom sidewall of the slide into the trough and then out via a hose. It is an easy fix if you remove the driver’s seat and that little curtain and then pull the slide in about half way.

One thing to do when it is raining, is to pull the slide in in steps. This gives the rain time to run off instead of staying on the slide. If you have the rear slide,there is a trough across the entire length of the slide and by pulling in the slide all at once, the trough over flows and out onto the carpet.

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Air Leveling Questions/Verification – iRV2 Forums

Some air system info the leveling system is a secondary air circuit which means it is after the safety valves and gets no air until the main air is above 70psi on most units. The rear will air up faster so it will always come up first. The HWH system uses several valves to level the coach they get air from 2 sources one is the leveling air which has a small tank usually and a small compressor the other is the leveling valves that set the ride height when traveling. So in the front you have a valve body which has 6 valves and gets air from 2 sources or 3 if you have 2 height control valves up front. In travel mode the travel valves connect the height valves to the bags. In level mode the travel valves lock out the height control valves and each bag gets air for the leveling system via the raise valve which adds air or the lower valve which lets it out. The rear of the coach will have the same valve body with 6 relay valve unless it has a tag then it could have 8. When you level the travel valves close and lock out the height control valves and the brain box uses the raise and lower valves for each bag to level. In travel mode which by the way only means the travel valves are open the raise and lower valves are locked out and the travel valve opens to let the height control valves set ride height. For the system to work in travel mode you will have power to each travel valve and no power to the other valves. It really is a simple system you have a passage that can get air from either end one end comes from the height control the other from system air each has a relay operated valve. In the middle is a output to the air bag and a relay valve the when opened lets the air out. So if your front wont come up in travel mode you either have no power to the travel valve or a bad valve or a bad height control valve. I hope this helps.

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Help wiring a single phase motor with reversing switch for my Lathe.

Reversing a single phase motor with a drum switch is simple when you understand what you are doing. A drum switch has a number of contacts set up so that some reverse and others just close. Simple inspection will let you determine which ones do what! One set usually does very little and just completes the circuit the same way no matter which way the switch is turned, simple ON/OFF If the terminals were marked ABC and abc the “C” will be connected to “c” in either direction. The other 2 will result in “A” connected to “a” and “B” connected to “b” in one direction of turn and “A” connected to “b” and “B” connected to “a” when turned in the other direction. In the center none are connected.Understand?

A simple description of a reversible single phase motor is there are 2 windings, one is the main winding and the other simply to start the motor spinning in the correct direction. Most use a centrifugal switch to disconnect the start winging when the motor has reached the correct speed. The main winding will run in any direction so it will be connected to the “C” type connection of the drum switch, simply ON/OFF. The start winding is connected to the reversing contacts A and B so that you simply reverse the connection to the start winding and therefore reverse rotation. One thing to remember because of the centrifugal switch a running single phase motor will not reverse like a 3 phase motor when the drum switch is reversed. It will continue running in the same direction! Simply because at run speed the start winding is disconnected by the centrifugal switch so to reverse direction you have to wait until the motor speed drops to below the centrifugal switch “turn on speed”

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inverters and boondocking

Pure Sine Inverter | The Inverter Store.

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“Jerry Newberry” peskyfeller

Hi Craig, My 2003 Bounder came with one inverter for the back bedroom to run the TV. It is a small 400 watt. I wired in a couple of extra receptacles to run my CPAP and Noise machine.

In my last three Bounders including the 2003 I have installed a Xantrex 1750 plus modified sine wave inverter. I mounted it in a bay just behind my entry door. That is about 3 feet from the coach batteries under the steps. I recently replaced it with a new Xantrex Pro Watt SW 1000 inverter after the 1750 gave up the fight after 7 years in 3 RVs. This inverter is a pure sine wave inverter and is much better for electronics. It is a lower capacity inverter than my 1750 but the 1750 was overkill. I do not use the inverter to run microwaves, the washer/dryer or heaters. My inverter has a remote switch on the dash. Inverter: Switch: .

I used very large cables from the batteries to the Inverter. My 1000 inverter can use #4 gage wire but I prefer larger cable. It is crucial that you use the shortest length and large quality cable like these: I only use 2 batteries but they are the larger Trojan T145 batteries. I have a 200 watt solar panel that helps keep them charged when we are dry camping.

I wired the 110 volt side form the inverter to a transfer switch up front between the breaker line and inverter. Normally all those receptacles will run on the power from the breakers but when power is off and I turn the inverter on it cuts in and provides power to my entire entertainment system as well as some extra outlets for my computers and telephone chargers. The outlet on the inverter is GFI and circuit breaker protected. I installed a high amp breaker on the 12 volt side between the batteries and inverter I like that better than a fuse because I can turn the current off at the breaker and reset it manually.

When shopping inverters it is important to look at how much power the inverter draws from the batteries when under minimum loads. The Xantrex pro watt 1000 only draws 0.6 amps under no load and is 90% efficient when under load. That is critical when considering how much load is taken from the batteries and actually used. You can buy cheap inverters but I don’t think any are as reliable and economical as the Xantrex line. Pay now or pay later.

10.7: Enable the FTP server – Mac OS X Hints

10.7: Enable the FTP server Aug 05, 11 07:30:00AM • Contributed by: 5chm31din6Apple seemingly dropped the FTP Server support in Mac OX Lion. Only the GUI has been removed and the FTP Server can be activated. You can still enable it with the command line. To start it type the Terminal command: sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist To stop it: sudo -s launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

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Difference b/t .030 & .035 mig wire, help please.

Re: Difference b/t .030 & .035 mig wire, help please.OK, I see two different questions being addressed here;1 – The OPs question paraphrased, “Which wire is better for welding 3/8″ thick mild steel? 0.030″ or 0.035″?2 – What diameter wire runs better on a MM211? 0.030″ or 0.035″?In answering question #1, I stand by my original recommendation. 0.035″ wire is better for joining 3/8″ thick mild steel. Based on Millers specs for the MM211, youre asking alot of the machine to deliver enough current and voltage to do the job properly on 3/8″ material, using short circuit transfer. lets not debate getting spray transfer from the MM211 here, thats a whole other topicAirgass website has some good info on this, and so does Lincoln Electrics website.…=7000000000143…L-56/c4200.pdfWith regards to question #2, yes, 0.030″ probably runs better on the MM211. The current required to weld with 0.030” solid wire is right in the sweet spot for the MM211 amperage range. Im sure the arc is at its best performance in that amperage range. But that doesnt mean “average joe” can make sound welds with 0.030″ wire on 3/8″ thick mild steel.We can debate the max thickness its possible to join with 0.030″ wire; with short circuit transfer. I stand by my recommendation that most people should limit themselves to 14 gauge, with 0.030″ wire.I dont rely on 0.030″ for anything thicker than 1/8″ in short circuit transfer and mixed gas75/25. I wont recommend that a novice “push the envelope”. Better if they just step up to the next wire size and weld with the proper settings, using wire that delivers the right amount of current to the weld puddle.not sure if the OP is a novice or not, I just respond to all questions as if they are. Since some other person, who is a novice, might read what I wrote and take it as gospel

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Using a Router as an access point

Re: Using a Router as an access point (WRT54GC)
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You need to convert your WRT54GC to a WAP (wireless access point).

Disconnect your WRT54GC from your wired router.
Connect one computer, by wire, to any numbered port (not the Internet port) on the WRT54GC.

In the WRT54GC do the following:
Set the “Local IP Address” to a fixed LAN IP address, such as (assuming you are not using this address elsewhere in your network, and assuming the wired router’s address is still
Turn off the DHCP server.
Save your settings.

Power down the WRT54GC and your computer.
Using an ethernet cable, connect any numbered port on the wired router to any numbered port on the WRT54GC. Do not use the Internet port on the WRT54GC.
Power up your system.

The wired router will control your router settings (firewall, DHCP server, port forwarding, etc.). The WRT will control your wireless settings.

Changing Default Time Machine Backups

Changing Default Time Machine Backups By Taylor Amon

By default, Time Machine backs up your system every hour if you leave your backup drive plugged in. If you are creating a lot of new data, this is a great system as it allows you to be able to have a consistent backup of all your information.

However, If you don’t need to have data backed up that frequently, or if you want to change it to back up more often, it is possible to change the default frequency for backups with this simple Terminal command.

Sudo defaults write /System/Library/Launch Daemons/ StartInterval -int 900

The number at the end of the command is how many seconds it will be until the next backup occurs. In the example, I used 900, which is 15 minutes. If you want to change to a backup interval of 2 hours, you would use the same code and change the number to 7200.