Locking hub gaskets.

Locking hub gaskets.
43532-60010 – hub cover O-ring $3.32
43531-60010 – hub cover gasket $2.03
43422-60020 – axle shaft flange gasket $0.80

Toyota parts numbers and prices from my local Toyota dealer.

Calculating Area

Subject: Re: surveying

1) If you have a GPS device which calculates area after you walk the fields
verify that with other methods. Do not just trust the device but compare it
to your own calculations.

2) Get out your geometry book and plat maps for the sites in question.
Divide the non-recalinear fields into standard geometric shapes and calculate the
area of each then add them. Estimate a regular shape out of the irregular
shape cutting off equal area both inside and outside the estimated shape.

3) Look at the county plat maps as they usually have the area of a lot
calculated in the center below the circled last digits of the Assessors Parcel
Number (APN). If say, 3 fields you are calculating are within a single lot make
sure the added total of the fields do not exceed the area of the lot.

Look at your estimate for reasonableness to make sure you haven’t made a
decimal error. If you have arial photos, compare the fields to similar sized
lots with known areas that are in the same scale.

If you publish your estimates for any reason include a disclaimer the rough
estimate is only for that specific purpose and is not guaranteed to be accurate
but believed to be reliable. If accuracy is required, hire a surveyor.

Useful info:
One Acre = 43,560 Square feet
One Hectare = 107,639
One Square Kilometer = 100 Hectares
One Square Mile = 640 Acres = 2.59 Square Kilometers

Area of a circle is 3.1416 x radius2 (A=Pi x r2)
An oval or egg shape has less area than a circle with the same circumference.
Area of a triangle is roughly half of a rectangle made from the triangle base
up to the height of the triangle.

Kubota Orange paint

TractorByNet.com – Perfect Match
I’m adding some remotes to my tractor and needed to weld a mounting plate to the FEL cross support.

After reading the posts about paint color I decided to give Dupli-Color Engine Enamel, DE1620 Chevrolet Orange (WalMart) a try.

All I can say is it’s a perfect match compared to my hood. I was a bit apprehensive about the paint quality but was very pleased with application and the final result.

I had a can of Kubota paint – what a waste of money.