TidBITS: Emacs on the Mac

TidBITS: Emacs on the Mac
Open a window in Terminal. Type the command

That gives you an introductory spiel which goes away if you type
something. Two lines from that spiel:

Exit Emacs C-x C-c
Get a tutorial M-x help-with-tutorial

C-x means Control-x
M-x means Meta-x which really means Escape (labeled “esc” on current
keyboards) FOLLOWED BY x. Meta-x then accepts a typed command…in
this case “help-with-tutorial”. I do recommend working through the
tutorial (it’s lighter than the 500+ page O’Reilly book “Learning GNU
Emacs”). You don’t HAVE to learn all the available emacs commands–
I’ve gotten by just fine for years with the dozen–perhaps score–
that I know. I look up the others when I need them.