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WiFi using Nanostation2 & LinksysWRT54GS
Posted by: “Richard”
Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:52 pm (PDT)

Here’s a little WiFi project that I’ve been thinking about for my Bounder and finally completed this week.
I started with a Ubiquity Nanostation2 (NS2) for my antenna. Can be configured as a router, bridge, repeater, etc. 400mw. The antenna is mounted on a Winegard TV antenna rotator/lift. The Cat5 cable from the NS2 is routed through the roof foam to an area just above the right front radio speaker, and into the speaker cavaity. The Cat5 cable then plugs into the WLAN port of my Linksys WRT54GS wireless router. The NS2 and the router both operate on 12 volts, which is available behind the speaker. I upgraded the router operating system with software from DD-WRT, so I could raise the output power from 27mw to 70 mw. Mounted in the speaker cavity is a fuse block to protect both devices. The fuse block is turned on/off with a piloted switch on the front of the speaker panel. Not only does the router service his’/her’s laptops, it services a Lexmark wireless printer mounted in the rear of the MH. This combination of parts allows me to make connection to access points when others can’t. It also allows others, close to me, to get on the internet through my router. My total investment is about $200.00 and too many hours to count. See pictures in link below.

Richard Shields
95 32H F53

Wiper Blade Refills

Re: Wiper blade adapters

Posted by: “Bud Weisbrod”

Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:45 pm (PDT)


These are blade refills, with a Teflon wiper strip. I’ve been using the 
same set for several years and they still work fine. They slide into the 
existing metal arm; just cut to length.

It’s more economical to get several sets, since the shipping won’t change 
much. Find a buddy who needs some too!

Bud Weisbrod

Wiper Blades: Trico 26? 17-260 Teflon Blade Refill (Fits 93, 94, 2005 
& more)
$5.49 per blade, plus shipping

Wiper blade adapters

Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:18 pm (PDT)

Hey Ed, that adapter is an Anco adapter #48-17. It’s two little steel pieces that mount to your wiper arms with the two little screws. Then most any “click on” type 25″-27″ wiper blade or refil from WM, AutoZone, etc, will work.

As I mentioned, the adapters were about $6 as I recall. Typical wipers from WM run what … $12 maybe?

I paid that nearly $50 each price once for replacements. Won’t ever do it again. The adapters work great.

’96 34P
P series chassis

Generator Fuel Pump

Generator Fuel Pump

Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:10 am (PDT)

I recently replaced the fuel pump on my Onan Marquis 5000 and thought I would post this message so it would be in the archives. A little back ground on this situation:
I was not sure what was stopping my genset from running after 10 minutes or so and decided to start with the rubber hoses. I replaced one of the hoses but it still would not run after 10 minutes so I removed the fuel pump and bench tested it. I determined it was NG so I went to a Onan Service Center in Ocala FL and was told the replacement pump would be $253 + tax. I was a bit amazed but luckily the salesman I was dealing with told me that this did not appear to be an Onan OEM component so I might be able to find it at a local auto parts store. After speaking to many auto parts places on the phone and them not being able to match the Onan Part # with anything in their database a Carquest counter person said if I brought it in they would see if they could match it up with something in their catalogue. Luckily, I had it out so that was easy enough to do. As it turns out they had the exact pump I needed and for only $90 +tax. Saved myself $150 just by making a few calls. The fuel pump part # is FP E84070.

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It is a Carter Fuel Pump Model E84070

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