Bounder AUX start blows headlights

Re: Blown headlights
Posted by: “Bud Weisbrod” budsweisbrod
Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:36 pm (PST)

Aloha, Craig:

Ray Velasquez verified my memory, and it is the CENTER relay! It activates the dome light when the rheostat for the instrument panel lights is turned full up╉but without a dome light, it merely discharges your battery! (as noted below)

Not sure on your â•?99, but on our 2005, the parking brake DOES turn off the running lights…..easy to check: turn on engine and running lights, push on parking brake, look at running lights! LOL

Also I looked through the archives and found this from the former Fleetwood â•?guruâ•? who designed the BCC systems:

Alternator load dump is what happens when you start a coach with a severely discharged (or other bad connection or open circuit) chassis battery and release the auxiliary start switch right away after starting. The alternator spikes trying to find a load, and it sees the DRL (day time running lights) headlights and blasts through them. If you continue holding the “aux start” button down it gives the main battery a chance to start accepting a charge and should keep the DRL headlights from blowing.. The most common source of battery discharge is the dome lamp relay that is activated by the dash panel light dimmer rheostat being in the fully on or detent position.

Hope this helps!

Bud Weisbrod
Denver, snowing a little bit!