How to identify continuous duty solenoids


I was correct, the solenoids are continuous duty.

The best way to be SURE is to check their resistance.

Per the “guru”, here is the info:
Momentary relays have 3 to 4 ohms; continuous relays have usually 16 to 18 Ohms resistance.

So just read the resistance to ensure you have a continuous duty relay…

Bud Weisbrod

Droid and PDANet

Now that you have the Droid, go to the Android market and download PdaNet,
the free version should work for you. Then take your computer and go to the
same site and get the PDANet for WIndows or Macintosh. Set them up and hook
up a USB cable to your laptop and VOILA…you have tethered broadband on
your laptop for no additional monthly fee.

Copied from Bounder Group.

Adjust refrigerator thermostat

refrigerator temp
Posted by: Gary Slusser
Mon Apr 4, 2011 9:17 am (PDT)

Can anyone tell me which way to move the sensor on the fins of a 2 door Dometic refrigerator to make it colder? Is it up or down, and maybe give me an idea of how much to move it so it gets colder?

’99 36S Bounder

Re: refrigerator temp
Posted by: Bud Weisbrod
Mon Apr 4, 2011 10:19 am (PDT)

Aloha, Gary:

It’s easy to remember: Up, North, Colder. Down, South, warmer!

Slide it up about half the distance from where it is now and see what
happens. Then fine tune as necessary.

Bud Weisbrod

Jarno Tapers


Jarno tapers range from a Number 2 to a Number 20. The diameter of the big end in inches is always the taper size divided by 8, the small end is always the taper size divided by 10 and the length is the taper size divided by 2. For example a Jarno #7 measures 0.875″ (7/8) across the big end. The small end measures 0.700″ (7/10) and the length is 3.5″ (7/2).

The system was invented by Oscar J. Beale of Brown & Sharpe.

via Machine taper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.