Basement Door Latch Replacement

(1995 to 20?? Bounders)

1. Open door and remove the four screws at the inside latch 
cover. Disconnect two rods and push handle assy out.

2. Remove plastic centering clip screwed onto ceiling inside
cargo compartment (probably broken anyhow).

3. Remove hold open air shock from door by prying open spring
CAREFULLY and removing air shock from door frame.

4. With help, hold door at about 90 degrees and push inboard to
remove door from hinge channel.

5. Remove screw at each CORNER of door moulding on side of
bad latch. Don’t remove two screws holding latch to door edge.

6. Use putty knife with hammer to break glue bond between edge 
of extrusion and fiberglas door panel, inside and outside edges.

7. Above should knock extrusion off edge of door panel with latch 
and operating rod.

8. Remove two screws holding latch to metal extruded edge and 
save any spacers for new latch.

9. Grease new latch (available from most large RV dealers), install
and reverse process. No need to re-glue edge to door panel.

Most larger RV Dealers will carry different types of latches. Remove the old latch and match it up to avoid problems. Good idea to keep a couple spares and spare Centering Tabs. They both require replacement often.

Carl D.

St. Charles, MO

’95 32H P30