Repair CCI detector

Yes I do repair the 7719 series (Controls solenoid valve) CCI propane detectors.

I do not repair any other series CCI detector, because it’s not economy feasible.

I charge $100 for repair, which includes return freight.
One year warranty.
Normal turn around time is one week.
All repairs include the actual sniffer + any other items needed.

You have other options that are a little more expensive, but includes a new detector and solenoid. I included a link to a Safe T Alert cross over chart, to replace old CCI detectors with a Safe T Alert detector. Note: If you boon dock (dry camp), the safe T Alert system will consume more power than the old CCI system.

You could also remove the solenoid and purchase a Propane detector that alarms only, but I consider this option a backward move in safety.

If you ever need to open the solenoid valve, it has a 9 volt coil and can be operated on any voltage from 4.5 to 9 volts.

Do NOT apply 12 volt house battery power. (You could combine dry cells in series, of 1.5 volts each, to control the solenoid)

If you elect to repair your CCI detector, send the old unit and a check for $100.00 to:

Larry Sherwood
12454 S Ortega Dr.
Olathe, Ks. 66062
913 782 1223

PS: Don’t forget to include a return address and phone number.