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Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:55 am (PST) . Posted by:

“Jerry Newberry” peskyfeller

Hi Craig, My 2003 Bounder came with one inverter for the back bedroom to run the TV. It is a small 400 watt. I wired in a couple of extra receptacles to run my CPAP and Noise machine.

In my last three Bounders including the 2003 I have installed a Xantrex 1750 plus modified sine wave inverter. I mounted it in a bay just behind my entry door. That is about 3 feet from the coach batteries under the steps. I recently replaced it with a new Xantrex Pro Watt SW 1000 inverter after the 1750 gave up the fight after 7 years in 3 RVs. This inverter is a pure sine wave inverter and is much better for electronics. It is a lower capacity inverter than my 1750 but the 1750 was overkill. I do not use the inverter to run microwaves, the washer/dryer or heaters. My inverter has a remote switch on the dash. Inverter: Switch: .

I used very large cables from the batteries to the Inverter. My 1000 inverter can use #4 gage wire but I prefer larger cable. It is crucial that you use the shortest length and large quality cable like these: I only use 2 batteries but they are the larger Trojan T145 batteries. I have a 200 watt solar panel that helps keep them charged when we are dry camping.

I wired the 110 volt side form the inverter to a transfer switch up front between the breaker line and inverter. Normally all those receptacles will run on the power from the breakers but when power is off and I turn the inverter on it cuts in and provides power to my entire entertainment system as well as some extra outlets for my computers and telephone chargers. The outlet on the inverter is GFI and circuit breaker protected. I installed a high amp breaker on the 12 volt side between the batteries and inverter I like that better than a fuse because I can turn the current off at the breaker and reset it manually.

When shopping inverters it is important to look at how much power the inverter draws from the batteries when under minimum loads. The Xantrex pro watt 1000 only draws 0.6 amps under no load and is 90% efficient when under load. That is critical when considering how much load is taken from the batteries and actually used. You can buy cheap inverters but I don’t think any are as reliable and economical as the Xantrex line. Pay now or pay later.

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