Clean holding tanks with yeast & peroxide

I use yeast and peroxide in my holding tanks to clean them out while going down the road and while it is filling up when camping. It gets rid of solids and smells in tanks. You don’t have to wonder if the black tank emptied out all of it’s contents. If you want to completely clean out your black water tank, with tank empty, add 4 ounces of yeast, 10 ounces of peroxide and 1 gallon of water. As you are going down the road it is sloshing all over the tank and cleaning it good.

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Country Coach Wiper Arms (not blades)

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I researched this some time ago and came up with the following for the 04 Intrigue or Allure.
Wiper parts dot com: 200487N, 31.5 in.
Grainger dot com: Din72 783 or 789
Zoro dot com: G2438992
The magic words are: Dyna wet panograph at all three sites. Just pick you desired length
Do your own research carefully and I think you will find what you need at one of these online sites.
Lyle Wetherholt
04 Intrigue 11740

Country Coach front slide leak

Country Coach Allure slide seal replacement.

Hi everyone. We have a new to us 2000 CC Allure #30476. It is in excellent shape although I have noticed a wet spot on the floor at the corner of the slide. The weather striping looks like it needs replaced. Has anyone done this? I had a local guy look at it and he said the box may need to be removed and I don’t want to go that route if not needed. I have the seal from CC and just want to know if there are any special tricks.


Is it the front slide leaking? If so, there is a small trough at the front of the slide. You have to remove the accordion cover that you see when the slide is closed. The little trough is glued to the wall and the glue comes loose, the trough pulls away from the wall and you get the leak.

The way it works is, the water is supposed to run along the bottom sidewall of the slide into the trough and then out via a hose. It is an easy fix if you remove the driver’s seat and that little curtain and then pull the slide in about half way.

One thing to do when it is raining, is to pull the slide in in steps. This gives the rain time to run off instead of staying on the slide. If you have the rear slide,there is a trough across the entire length of the slide and by pulling in the slide all at once, the trough over flows and out onto the carpet.

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